Episode 220 - The Five Man Reunion Part 2

The fifth anniversary show continues with John's Oops Saga
Harlan has lost control by this point, Jason and John together . . .
Recording ran so late, we were late to the after After Lodge party
Pineapples, pizza, and beards
"They sent out the retraction letter . . . ?" for the 20th time
Eventually, we get on with the Oops Saga
What's up with the IRC?
"So, they sent out the retraction letter . . ."
Jason breaks with GREAT JUSTICE
Self preservation on Pikey Mountain
. . . and, it wouldn't be After Lodge without some Templary
Jason ignites another set of pitchforks and torches for us
A summary of the past five years of the After Lodge Podcast
Thanks again to El Dorado Studios for hosting the anniversary show