Episode 115

Candlelight Savings Time


March 14th, 2016

1 hr 32 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

  • Harlan is procrastinating because he has to help Bro.^2
  • Jason denounces Benjamin Franklin for the evil big government mind control that is Daylight Savings Time
  • Happy Anniversary to Harlan. He slipped out for the Scottish Rite reunion
  • Jason passed up an interview for a high school custodian job
  • The Jason clan adopts a cat which picks fights with deer
  • Why hasn't Harlan watched the Making of a Murderer yet?!
  • We can't avoid discussing the mess between TN/GA and the rest of the Masonic world
  • If this isn't fixed quickly, we discuss the possibility of what would effectively become the "Confederate Grand Lodges of the USA"
  • Producer Bruce is well on his way to becoming a master appraiser
  • Masonic tattoos . . . which ones to avoid so your Brothers don't sand blast you
  • Lodge plans a shipping truck heist - for bicycles
  • Can you be mad at the police for doing their job?
  • Are Masons "Brothers for life"?
  • Pushing the bounds of propriety . . . again
  • Masonic rings - they are not legally recoverable from non-masons
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