Episode 146

IRC Free for All


November 9th, 2016

2 hrs 1 min 18 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Tonight is Election Night, so we celebrate the occasion with an "IRC Free for All"
  • Some guys from the IRC channel pop in, others watch the live stream for off-air comment
  • What actually happens in the channel? A lot of idling, until someone pipes up, then it gets awesome (especially if you're there at work)
  • There's no avoiding us monitoring election returns as they come in . . . so far, as everyone expected
  • Virtual Lodges, it's a thing, does anyone know about them?
  • What do the IRC guys' Lodges do for education? What about the After Lodge crew?
  • A hypothetical Brother dies, he really wanted a Masonic funeral, but his family now refuses
  • How many nights per week do we spend on Freemasonry?
  • "Now brought to you by Culver's Ice Cream" because Canada Dry sucks!
  • Trump has taken Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina - and IRC reacts
  • Election banter/jokes continue as the Chaplain hides in his bunkers
  • Is it the Boomers' fault?!
  • How to make your pancake breakfast profitable (and the one item that will kill it)
  • Reporting live from New York Time Square . . . it's not exciting
  • How often does your Lodge practice ritual work?
  • The Pledge of Allegiance in open Lodge is brought up for the 100th time on this show
  • Evangelizing for IRC - you're missing out!
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