Episode 156

Who's Driving This Train?!


February 1st, 2017

1 hr 31 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

  • Opening: Move it on Over (Hank Williams)
  • Intern Producer Nick (/u/swimbikerunrun) joins us again for another round of After Lodge banter
  • G.P.A.C. continues shedding tears about his electoral defeat to R.W. Landscaper Josh
  • Jeff Cartman is back, and somehow made it past the extensive balloting process for our Lodge
  • Harlan begins the process of hounding Jeff about his dues money (he's been a member for 2 days)
  • Tony reviews the terms of when you "have" to give a Brother money
  • We discuss the mysteries of the Lodge by-laws
  • The chili cook-off is right around the corner, and the trash talking has commenced
  • Nobody is really producing the show these days . . . now hiring!
  • Bro. David Riley proclaims that Freemasonry is, indeed, a feminist institution
  • Nick shares the results from his Millennial Masonic survey
  • Closing: Come As You Are (Nirvana)
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