Episode 158

Harlan Made a New Mason


March 2nd, 2017

1 hr 38 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

  • Opening: The Catalyst (Linkin Park)
  • We're back on the air with Nick after an extended hiatus
  • Harlan's son was born last week . . . and apparently the show does not go on without him
  • Nick is made an official part of the crew by Harlan's daughter
  • Harlan's daughter has a big crush on Worshipful Producer Bruce
  • Move over old dog, the new dog is moving in (to your office)
  • Plugging for the Scottish Rite Research Society
  • We finally found food for our Lodge's big annual dinner
  • Harlan misses Lodge . . . twice, it's a new record
  • For some reason, we start discussing midwiffery and babies
  • Did you know George Washington was a Mason?!
  • We meet a trucker from out of town, and it's not /u/The_Past_Master
  • When you see a crowd of people running, it might be a good idea to follow them
  • Nick witnesses a real life dues increase conversation, it was exactly like you've always heard
  • Tiered dues structures - can you, should you?
  • Harlan has been on a news fast, can it last?
  • Closing: Cat's In the Cradle (Harry Chapin)
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