Episode 160

Carpet Bagging


March 26th, 2017

1 hr 43 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

  • Opening: Ain't No Rest for the Wicked (Cage The Elephant)
  • Someone should explain to Nick (/u/swimbikerunrun) what a "Carpet Bagger" is
  • Bro. Riley calls in sick
  • Harlan explains the absence of show postings recently
  • The Lodge put together a "Meal Train" for Harlan's family during the hospital stay, it's a cool idea for your Lodge
  • Harlan reflects on his "single dad" experience . . . he wasn't fond of it
  • Tony shows up with spiritual insights and poop stories
  • Who eats dessert at a restaurant?!
  • "The 47th Problem of The Eucharist"
  • We take turns explaining Carpet Bagger to Nick . . . and Tony does it wrong
  • More pancake conspiracies
  • If millennials were to start Freemasonry today, what symbols would they use?
  • Intellectual property laws and the Square and Compass
  • Nick visits a "family" Lodge in Italy and almost gets disappeared
  • DeMolay presentations, and why you should invite the boys to your Lodge
  • Does your ritual also include floor work?
  • The Chaplain and the Lost Tribes of Israel, or just one in particular
  • Countenancing disloyalty and rebellion
  • Where to find the Manly P. Hall lectures (for free)
  • How to keep guys around after Lodge
  • Budgeting and tax advice, but you should consult your own accountant
  • Intentional racism seems to sound less bad than the accidental racism that comes up from time to time
  • Closing: Forget You (Cee Lo Green)
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