Episode 185



February 1st, 2018

1 hr 34 mins 17 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Opening: Has Been (William Shatner)
  • Bruce is uninstalled as Master (like PC bloat-ware)
  • Sir John's ugly Christmas jacket . . . still not as bad a Bruce's replacement's
  • Being re-installed in the East for the THIRD time?!
  • Worshipless-again Bruce receives a George Washington Masonic tie from the Craft
  • Tony tries to do something nice for Bruce, for real
  • "Mason of the Year", does your Lodge really do that?
  • The Hanukkah from hell - Harlan celebrates the miracle of survival
  • Our growing sister-lodge ties with P.H.A.
  • "Worshipful Nipples"
  • Professional Badminton is apparently a real thing
  • Time for a Lodge dodge ball tournament
  • The case of the missing plaque
  • Closing: Tennis Court (Lorde)
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