Episode 244

Poor Expectations


April 29th, 2020

1 hr 40 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

  • Day 200-something of quarantine, this is the last of us remaining!
  • We tried virtual Lodge last weekend
  • Living the unkempt life, haircuts in the apocalypse
  • Why are there no stone masons in Freemasonry?
  • Using new-found reading time for learning the Craft
  • When is the After Lodge book coming out? Any day now . . . heheh
  • The relevance of Freemasonry in the modern era
  • Dan Carlin released a new Common Sense episode!!!
  • The "nameless" Masons in history have been collectively far more important than the names we still remember
  • How can we live up to their legacy in the modern era?
  • Is anti-Masonry still a thing today? Who knew?
  • Will we be wearing masks back to Lodge?
  • We just can't resist nerding out again, this whole quarantine thing is really getting to us
  • Will there be a recorded After Lodge D&D game? Stay tuned!
  • John sells his car and imparts some moral wisdom in the process
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