Episode 107

Zip Code Envy


January 18th, 2016

1 hr 47 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

  • The solid sheets of ice are finally gone
  • "A pox be upon you" . . . Harlan's fun-house
  • Harlan attempted to move in next to Producer Bruce . . . Bruce sabotaged the effort
  • Producer finally got his PC working!
  • Commercial Break - We go haggle with Carnies
  • C.B. joins us
  • Why we fail as commercial negotiators
  • Tony may have Tuberculosis
  • The Chaplain is banned from yet more hotels
  • Our annual chili cook off is next week, more foul play is afoot again
  • Video games with references to Freemasonry
  • We discuss the largest gaming tech let-down in history
  • Should your Lodge feed the homeless? Fire and brimstone!
  • Homosexual couples in the same Lodge?
  • We de-rail topics to see how long it takes to get R.W. Grand Censor Bob to come back
  • Jeff Peace . . . again
  • Clandyland, who is next now that Jeff has taken his ball and gone home?
  • Appropriate venues for Masonic debate (hint: it's not memorial posts) - "You're not wrong . . . you're just an asshole"
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