Episode 113

Philandering Philanthropy


February 29th, 2016

1 hr 58 mins 27 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Scotty from the Block a.k.a. Brad re-joins us to make up for being wrong last week
  • Jason sets Amy loose on our Facebook page - she blew it up
  • X-Files, and spoilers for some popular movies
  • Harlan describes the "poison of philanthropy" to our identity
  • Somehow the Pontiff gets compared to Hitler?
  • What is "Masonic" charity, really?
  • Scotty/Brad/Block Boy gets the Harlan Seal of Approval
  • Secret signs, words, grips, etc. for After Lodge listeners
  • Producer Bruce is now The Appraiser's Apprentice
  • Jason confesses his beard-envy for Bruce
  • The crew discusses the recent statements from the Grand Master of Tajikistan regarding forbidden discussions
  • Who knew that the GM of Tajikistan had global jurisdiction?!
  • Incentives for recruiting new Masons
  • Why we shouldn't be trying harder to be in the public eye . . . it's a respectability thing
  • The Master's Book of Secrets
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