Episode 112

Bearded Dragon with False Teeth


February 22nd, 2016

2 hrs 5 mins 36 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Broadcasting fresh on the heels of the big Master Mason Degree
  • Grand Censor Bob knocks over the candelabra
  • We express our sympathy for our Floridian Brethren . . . because they live there
  • We do not "heart logistics"(tm)
  • Jason evicts Little Matt from the guest seat
  • Bambi, the two-hour old Master Mason recounts his wrongs
  • The Chaplain studies Brazilian wax jobs on the show
  • Our newly made Master Masons are advocates for the C.o.R.
  • Jason describes the Bearded Dragon with False Teeth - our new spirit animal
  • The Chaplain has developed a cough drop dependency
  • We attempt to actually eat a Nick-your-buddy bar
  • Harlan says something absolutely abhorrent, even for us... we had to beep it, just know he's the worst kind of person
  • Bro. Fitzy gives the Bearded Dragon a name
  • Scotty from the Block takes the hot seat. He joined through a fair booth (they do work!)
  • Titties and Beer . . . the Past Grand Has-been inquires about Masonic prohibition
  • We discuss Grand Masters' budgets
  • Social media and your Masonic profile - is it really yours?
  • Tempering the enthusiasm of the younger Masons with the wisdom of the elders
  • Why does everything smell like Mustard?! CHAPLAIN!!!!
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