Episode 122

Pushing Buttons


May 2nd, 2016

2 hrs 7 mins 33 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • What to get Mom for Mother's Day?
  • The fragility of machismo
  • "Degrees of Kosher" - how we discovered one of Harlan's buttons
  • We're hiding from the co-ed baby shower - like real men
  • Charities, collections, and miscellaneous shake downs
  • Telemarketers who use obviously fake names - another button!
  • /u/SeattleShriner accidentally texted Jason - so we steal his idea
  • A letter to Jason, the After Lodge, and the Internet from "Straight, White, Christian Man"
  • Jason discovers that Native Americans don't have facial hair - still keeps his head dress
  • Tony's Atkins diet includes 12 different kinds of mustard
  • What happens when the investigating committee does a massive fail
  • Bonus Masonic Truths
  • The Chaplain sends more selfies than a teenage girl . . . to our Slack channels
  • Russ! We're calling you out, this show is for you!
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