Episode 127

All is Fair


June 6th, 2016

1 hr 14 mins 40 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • What's going on in our lives this week - THE Fair
  • How we prevent Landscaper Josh from running away with the Carnies - or how we get him back
  • Jason engages in parking P.T.S.D. therapy
  • The Chief Carnie that Harlan fired last year makes a return
  • We had enough bicycles for the high school graduation, but not enough blankets
  • Fallout from the Pikey Mountain Festival of the Dirt - don't anger the Dirt Gods
  • Age is just a number for Worshipless Producer Bruce
  • The Chaplain takes on Jason in a (party) measuring contest
  • Never share your trade craft with your Brethren . . . especially if its contracting, law, or technology
  • Friends vs masonic owed what do you do in that situation
  • Tips form the After Lodge Crew in salary negotiations
  • Rapid fire whiteboard
  • The grip - who pitches, and who catches?
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