Episode 128

Family Bonding


June 13th, 2016

1 hr 22 mins 52 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Big City Fair updates - Josh ran off with the Carnies again
  • There are few fair survivors at this point, so Jazz and Brother^2 joins us
  • Harlan experiences objectification, but still won't cede that women are people
  • The Chaplain midnight twerks for the residents of our town
  • Jason's skin is so burned he sounds like candy wrapper when blinking his eyes
  • Jazz has been recruiting for her ti dye cult out of our Freemasonry exhibit
  • Finding buttons and pushing them
  • A lesson in how not to deal with Social Justice Warriors
  • How Brother^2 made his millions
  • The band that played the criminal covers
  • Why the hell does Harlan own a panda costume?
  • Self-selling for a Petition
  • Food, dishes, Stewards, etc.
  • Jason is cursed by the Chaplain for throwing away the mustard
  • We explain Freemasonry for another Redditor
  • Brother Son makes an appearance and shares his family ice cream recipe
  • Tiredness leads to discussions on different kinds of erasers
  • Don't forget to choose: go smurf; ti dye or "other"
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