Episode 133

Of Mice and Masons


July 18th, 2016

1 hr 29 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

  • Studio audience: Jazz and two Snorlaxes
  • Abusing Roberts Rules of Order for personal amusement
  • Chef Red contributes to our collective Diabetes
  • Jason misses his installation and Harlan's new car springs a leak
  • The Chaplain's newest drone shows up . . . and eventually, so does he
  • Pokémon Go and Master Mason Cooper and the Chaplain swinging Poké Balls
  • Not all mice are created equal - some of them get fed to Bruce's snake after suffocating in the car
  • In the end . . . was Freemasonry worth all of the time and money?
  • Why do we engage in philanthropy?
  • Chaplain becomes the King . . . Of the Hill
  • Reviewing things Harlan is bad at
  • Do you sneak out of Master Mason Degrees early? In states with "full" form sections?
  • Lodge gets out of financial trouble, is it time to lower dues? Bruce and Harlan don't understand the question
  • We take a Bible lesson from Joseph: saving for the drought (also the same Joseph that started Goldman Sachs)
  • Encouraging religious diversity in the Lodge: we welcome many varieties of Christians
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