Episode 134

Pining for the Past


July 26th, 2016

1 hr 16 mins 28 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Jason goes AWOL and Harlan manages to cram in Lady Gaga, Eminem AND Elton John
  • Harlan becomes an apprentice cab driver so he can get on Your Mom's Milkman, finally
  • New ideas for providing rides to members who have trouble finding them
  • Worshipless Producer Bruce launches a ride share company
  • Bro^2 has a younger brother who is Bro^3's older brother . . . if he joins, is Bro^3 still cubed?
  • The Chaplain abandons the crew to become spiritual adviser for the Trump campaign
  • We go N.P.R. for a while
  • Why did the Chaplain's kids become Soviets?!
  • Human tendencies to pine for the old days (i.e. ignorance)
  • Using virtual reality to enhance the degree lectures
  • What does it mean for the Lodge to be "tiled"?
  • Standardized ritual - good idea, or invitation for Grand Lodge abuse?
  • Younger men becoming a more common part of the Craft, you have to let them labor
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