Episode 137

Burn the Couch


August 15th, 2016

1 hr 13 mins 17 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Harlan takes a step back in to the '90s
  • After Lodge Studios - improving ratings by pissing people off
  • Jason goes plumbing with the Grand Landscaper
  • Jason, Jr. starts kindergarten, "good and bad" other details elude us
  • The legal implications of some Avery nonsense
  • Harlan messes up a Trump/Clinton/Kennedy/Clinton/90s/60s/conspiracy/history setup . . . really bad
  • Conclusion: rich people die rich deaths, and Harlan is broken
  • More Overwatch jokes
  • The peak of the American Republic (system) - 19th century, or World War II?
  • HFAF - a Female "Masonic" Grand Lodge. Do they have larger kitchens?
  • The Glenn Beck Whiteboard is out of commission while receiving upgrades
  • Harlan and Bruce burn a couch (and don't own trucks). No cleaning necessary, just purify with fire
  • Producer Bruce gets reported for cheating
  • Treasurer gets (only) three years for embezzling almost a million dollars
  • How to deal with flat Earth-ers
  • Daylight Savings Time, was it Benjamin Franklin's worst idea ever?
  • What is missing from modern Freemasonry?
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