Episode 138

Parting on the Square


August 22nd, 2016

1 hr 11 mins 45 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • The Chaplain is still searching for the right kind of mustard for his chocolate cake
  • Last night's Entered Apprentice Degree . . . serving two Masters?
  • Our Lodge (as in: the building) attempts to behead a few members
  • Producer Bruce managed to almost loose a finger in the same manner
  • We cooked the new Apprentices for a bit too long
  • Harlan takes up driving for Lyft as well . . . crashes his phone
  • The summer games (of Overwatch) are ending soon
  • Why was the Naked Emperor Trump wearing a Masonic ring?!
  • Harlan finally reads one item of literature that is somehow related to Steven Avery
  • Producer Bruce considers reviving his Cereal podcast
  • We are definitely a Podcast for useless knowledge
  • How far did Stretch Armstrong stretch?
  • Some guy on Reddit has smoked himself stupid
  • Masonic T-Shirt ideas for Pride Parade
  • Why is the F-Bomb so special?
  • Jason makes his final host address . . . and parts upon the square
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