Episode 142

Millennial Tears


October 5th, 2016

1 hr 42 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

  • Our guest this week is The Millennial Freemason: Bro. Nick Johnson (33-29)
  • . . . and we immediately present him with the list of show topics: His Masonic triggers
  • Nick's sad, fruitless corn dog stand
  • We discuss some kind of round table . . . thing?
  • The merits of varying forms of interactive media available to Freemasons
  • Nick's Bernie Sanders impression is almost too good
  • Provincialism in lodges creates a stasis, which creates boredom, which creates stagnation
  • An actual table lodge
  • The Swedish Rite - Shields, swords, babes, and meatballs, what else could you want?
  • Monetizing Freemasonry - Useful information vs. snake oil, AKA 'Alchemy: Turning ink into gold'
  • Everybody's favorite 99th degree Vampire Rabbi Wizard continues to draw our ire/jealousy
  • Twisting masonic ideology to support either elitism or mediocrity
  • Getting your money's worth
  • Pissing off the old Craft
  • Tony makes an appearance, and Nick shows him some Minnesota-nice
  • Be sure to visit Nick's blog: The Millenial Freemason (http://www.millennialfreemason.com/)
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