Episode 177

Nick's Basement


September 24th, 2017

1 hr 43 mins 26 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Opening: My Evil Ways (The Nearly Deads)
  • We're sheltering in Nick's basement, waiting on Hurricane Harvey
  • Harlan accidentally sends the show link to #python (FreeNode IRC) - "this is how you get cowans!"
  • We spend most of the show hassling Nick about why he is still in Florida
  • Some of the hassling was deserved . . . he ate the food stash before the rain came
  • Guns in Lodge but not in a hurricane aftermath? Knock it off!
  • How not to conduct a Facebook poll
  • The After Lodge rescue plan: "Operation Divert Resources to Save Us Instead"
  • Our recent EA degree and issues caused with differing ritual standards
  • Harlan puts on bibbed overalls for the first time in his life - then goes to a bar
  • Some cool stuff from our jurisdiction to help out in Houston
  • Florida Lodges serving as shelters
  • Nick tries to bring up "The Better Angels of our Nature" and Tony pounces in
  • Taking Tony's pontoon boat down to rescue Nick - that's our kind of comedy
  • Tony crashes a Shriner meeting (he's not a Shriner)
  • Day laborers turn the cards in Florida, and Harlan loves it!
  • Investigating committees, confidential information, and the awkward question of what duty is owed to who
  • Closing: The Pretender (Foo Fighters)
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