Episode 192

Happy Birthday!


April 9th, 2018

1 hr 20 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

  • Opening: Surfin Bird (The Trashmen)
  • Worshipless Producer Bruce has abandoned us tonight
  • So . . . how's that sign going?
  • Our first Master Mason Degree without Captain America
  • Harlan has a mental breakdown during serious ritual, it was stinky-winky
  • Jeff . . . joined the York Rite - we can't tell if Harlan is ignoring him now
  • Harlan's daughter becomes a local Scottish Rite icon
  • Grand Lodges and "long-arm statutes" in the Internet era
  • A near death experience at the Scottish Rite reunion
  • How does an airline lose a flight attendant?!
  • Bruce has turned the George Washington neck tie around on us
  • Closing: In Da Club (50 Cent)
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