Episode 213

The Red Lodge


November 26th, 2018

1 hr 19 mins 39 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Broadcasting from the ashes of the 2018 election
  • Tony (and the rest of the County) got ran over by the "Trump Train"
  • But hey, at least our Public Valuation Administrator is "pro-life" now
  • Harlan and family check out of Facebook - we highly recommend it!
  • A failed attempt to blame it on the York Rite
  • Listen to your lawyer . . . or don't and pay him even more
  • Harlan and the Mrs. finish off the unopened celebratory champagne
  • Is *your* Master faithful enough to wade through the snow to get to Lodge?!
  • Taking tumbleweeds as souvenir . . . because there's nothing else in the plains
  • Street drag racing - a new Lodge fundraiser idea?
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