Episode 214

Marvel of a Lodge


November 28th, 2018

1 hr 41 mins 34 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • We're on Twitch . . . we think
  • Harlan is broadcasting from the arctic City of Dallas again
  • Scotty from the Block showed up!
  • Celebrating the life of Stan Lee and nerding out
  • All the different kinds of Masonic nerds
  • Bro. Mike the Fuzz is back for some special Harlan bonding time
  • Ecclectic movie references and "kids these days"
  • Scotty attempts to set the record straight - it was correct all along
  • By-laws shmy-laws . . . we're raising dues!
  • What are "criminally low" dues?
  • Harlan begins to experience "death by Chinese food" thanks to Betty
  • Martial arts and the Geneva Convention
  • Did you know that George Washington . . . Carver was a Mason?!
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