Episode 231

The King 0f No Pants


October 30th, 2019

2 hrs 20 mins 17 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

  • Welcome to our special guest, Bro. Chuck (/u/k0np)
  • He's another engineer, he builds death rays
  • John uses technical difficulties to bust up the nerd talk
  • Chuck gives us the solution to all hardware problems
  • A brief explanation of law school - and why Chuck didn't go
  • Turns out, "one day wonders" can work out . . . sometimes
  • Lodges in the civilized land country can have alcohol?! Blasphemy!
  • More Scottish vs. York Rite banter, with the Northern Jurisdiction this time
  • We've started selling banana hammocks in Austrailia
  • Someone actually uses the YouTube Live chat function!
  • "Where is your +5 roll for smiting as a Past master?! Show me!"
  • Pulling aside the veil . . . we're actually pretty different off the air
  • Harlan runs off to join the Knights of Columbus
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