Episode 232

Gnosticism with Msgr. Rassbach


November 13th, 2019

1 hr 31 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

  • Bro. Msgr. Scott Rassbach joins us this week
  • There so many Freemasons in the Apostolic Johannite Church
  • Harlan gets clarification that LDS and AJC are different things . . .
  • A history of Gnosticism and Freemasonry
  • Sir John masters the unmute button
  • Diving deeper into Gnosticism
  • Don't use Whitecastle as a verb - gross
  • When a petition for reinstatement expresses: "this is just to get into the Shrine"
  • A traumatic Scottish Rite Shriner encounter
  • Where you can learn more about the AJC
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