Episode 259

Smoking Astronomers


December 9th, 2020

1 hr 38 mins 1 sec

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Special Guest

About this Episode

  • Producer Bruce has been down in the hole and John's out of costume
  • Jeff is back . . . as Senior Warden? He's been busy
  • It's election and installation time in After Lodge jurisdiction
  • Speculation on what lies ahead in 2021, Godzilla, mutants, etc.
  • On tailors, consignment shops, and old Templar uniforms
  • Where has Tony been? Out doing the Santa circuit
  • The stars are aligning . . . astronometric/astronomical/astrostuff
  • Sound equipment reviews in After Lodge fashion
  • Practicing some unhealthy self-care during isolation
  • Chuck pushes Harlan's messianic button because things started to get too amicable.
  • It's ice fishing season . . . but where's the ice?
  • Are they aliens here? Ex-space agency member says "yes", the crew says "meh"
  • Recounting John's last visit, are we ready for a next one?
  • John and Chuck sabotage the outro, and we wrap up another week After Lodge
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