Episode 46



November 29th, 2014

1 hr 10 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

  • Show notes guest written by /u/JasonsWifeAmy. * Denotes thoughts of Amy
  • Harlyn's plans to take over the world
  • The boys have been traveling in the boonies again
  • The printer is haunted
  • Jason issues a formal complaint to his local representative
  • We're still debating Compass, Compasses, Compassi
  • This show is Cereal
  • Grand Representatives to foreign places are considered stupid by brethren
  • Boonies lodge is annoyed by Harlyn showing up and then discuss American Legion business
  • Busy week ahead
  • Jason is indentured to Harlyn
  • Snowmageddon is coming, Harlyn needs eggs
  • Climate change is Harlyn's fault, or Bruce's car
  • Why does Harlyn hate America
  • Factory vs. Assembly Plant
  • Harlyn is trying to piss off all labor unions
  • *This show is a big rambling CF*
  • Jason loves people
  • *I think these people have ADD*
  • The "HIT IT" White Board
  • Plug for Your Moms Mailman Podcast
  • *Don't drink formaldehyde!!!!*
  • If you could change one thing about your lodge, what would it be?
  • Harlyn has a long list.
  • Gift ideas for widows...Fruit basket outdated?
  • *I wouldn't want a fruit basket or a Hershey bar. Caroling strippers sound much better*
  • Jason misses Family Night, *but never invites his family.
  • PROHIBITION aka. "Pushing Jason's Button"
  • When is good night for Lodge meetings? The worst?
  • Harlyn is Bi-polar about America
  • How to request a brother to behave more respectfully?
  • A jurisdiction up North is stirring up poop.
  • Looking to speak with brothers from CT.
  • Should Jason get tasered?
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