Episode 47

The Longest Episode Ever


November 29th, 2014

2 hrs 5 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

  • Worthy Producer /u/JasonsWifeAmy joins the show this week who was also tasked with writing these show notes again
  • Harlan gets fitted
  • Brothers be traveling
  • Jason has been sick
  • Amy is a better Producer than Bruce
  • Poor breakfast management
  • Harlen smokes a pipe
  • Amy decorated the "Gobble-Gobble" White Board
  • Computer trouble at lodge
  • Charity at the breakfast
  • Harlin got scammed
  • Pastafarians
  • We ramble for a bit
  • Masonic Bill of Rights
  • More rambling
  • Dealing with daughters, widows, and sisters
  • Mr. Crowley
  • Harlon almost starts a fire
  • Ramble, ramble, ramble
  • Back to Crowley
  • History lessons
  • Research Lodges
  • Harlun does not give legal advice on the show
  • Jason and Harlyn talk about about Amy while she's gone
  • Back on topic
  • The Lodge makes men better
  • Thanksgiving: it is not a religious holiday
  • Storytime: what would you do?
  • Jason verbally abuses his wife
  • Final rambles
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