Episode 103

Mensch On A Bench


December 21st, 2015

1 hr 40 mins 35 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • Show of lies!
  • The Chaplain is already getting his After Lodge title
  • Chaplain Jr. is installed as new Master - judicious use of the gavel
  • An ash tray full of nails was shattered; but the lox was saved!
  • Jason spoils Jar Jar Binks' Sith appearance in the new Star Wars movie
  • Harlan's After Lodge Hanukkah gift is awesome!
  • How the Chaplain trolls his in-laws
  • Worshipless Producer Bruce builds his new P.C. - it doesn't work
  • Bruce kills Harlan's dream prank on Installation Night
  • Jason takes screenshots of draft Lodge minutes
  • Why you should specify "Masonic" when introducing widows
  • Jason is now allergic to just about everything - no joke
  • Freemasonry in the post-human era
  • Modernizing Freemasonry, not always a good idea
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