Episode 104

After Christmas Fallout


December 28th, 2015

1 hr 48 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

  • Welcome to the After Christmas Podcast!
  • Harlan is having "Irish Twins" or Jewish twins . . . or something like that - he's pregnant (again)!
  • Jason offers parental advice on multiple children - he has two only children
  • /u/The_Past_Master meets Master Mason Nipples . . . on Facebook
  • Mytos kicks Harlan from the IRC channel
  • What's really going to kill Freemasonry: not declining membership, not admitting women, etc. It's Facebook!
  • Why we really need to stop trolling Apprentices and Fellows about stealing things
  • Jason Jr. delivers his best Christmas Gift ever
  • Zippo hand warmer for Jason, class action suit in the works
  • Producer Bruce's new computer saga continues
  • More hating on Best Buy
  • Star Wars nerding out
  • Why Jason celebrates Wookiee Life Day
  • How to explain the Freemasonry connection to Templarism, Illuminism, etc. in few words
  • Producer Bruce recites the scripts to Nicholas Cage movies
  • Making masons as a group project - why it's a terrible idea
  • Who is Jeff Peace?
  • Producer Bruce, our Senior Warden, unveils his "Master Plan" to keep purple people eaters away
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