Episode 105

Canadian Tilers


January 3rd, 2016

1 hr 23 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

  • Jason discovers Nipples' monitor lost in the Lodge 3-4 weeks after he is raised
  • Happy New Year! Another year to dash our hopes and dreams on the rocks
  • Fast and Furious teenagers are now on the run from Jason
  • Harlan and Bruce discuss alternative means of revenge on said teenagers
  • The Chaplain's internship is terminated
  • Why do you love the Craft?
  • Initiation fees . . . too high? Socialized fees in Canada!
  • Canadian polar bears tile their lodges
  • The Chaplain brings Mrs. Chaplain with an absence note - the crew asks how she does it
  • Christmas parties in January?
  • Should we host an After Lodge telethon? No.
  • Scheduling around younger members . . .the big secret - maybe you're not actually wanted
  • Our big take-off-work-all-day Tuesday Lodge event - scheduled for the benefit of young men
  • The Chaplain advocates his recruiting campaign for more senior members
  • Colonel Brian joins us to discuss the 2B1ASK1 campaign and skirting the law during the Jewish Sabbath
  • Harlan endorses Jason's joke ideas and shoots down the serious ones
  • Can communists be regular Freemasons? Long answer: probably not. Short answer: no.
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