Episode 256

Imitation Intelligence


November 4th, 2020

1 hr 39 mins 33 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • We kick off the show the day after U.S. elections
  • Building a PC in 2020 is probably to be avoided
  • Tony joins us . . . via YouTube live chat? Then gives away our stream password
  • Federal elections and entertainment sports -- one in the same now?
  • "Artificial Intelligence" . . . ametures talking about things we don't understand
  • We did Grand Lodge virtually this year and it worked out fine
  • . . . but there's more to Grand Lodge communications than business
  • Tony recruits us all for the Oregon Trail
  • The electoral college and the Grand Lodge system
  • After the stream is interrupted we carry on
  • Profiting from the pandemic
  • Harlan's daughter informs him that we are getting a dog
  • Then we share some pet advice
  • Finally, as usual After Lodge, the wheels fall of of the train
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