Episode 290

Lost in Translation


December 29th, 2021

1 hr 11 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

  • Next week will be 8 years of the After Lodge Podcast!
  • Bro. Sean comes back to visit (maybe he forgot why he left?)
  • Harlan gets grumpy about Christmas observers clogging up Chinese restaurants on Christmas
  • What everyone got up to for Christmas
  • Talking language and translation
  • Whose Lodge did the coolest philantropy during the holidays?
  • Someone brought a pig on a leash to our Breakfast with Santa!
  • Chuck gets into a Reddit spat . . . in the middle of the show
  • Why Harlan really never joined the Shrine: clowns
  • Congratulations to Bro. Sean, he is retiring from the Potentatecy
  • Published does not equal credible
  • We can't mute Chuck, but Sean can?!
  • Harlan learns that Budweiser isn't from Milwaukee, "not all terrible beer is the same"
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