Episode 39

Lowering the Bar


September 29th, 2014

1 hr 6 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

  • Special thanks to /u/nzfreemason (Rob) for the new introduction narration
  • Ass. Producer Marshall shows up with the police
  • Harlan passes the Bar Exam and doesn't get the J-Law joke
  • Harlan is made an honorary junior 5-0 (aka piglet)
  • After Lodge technical problems
  • Our lodge uses Jason's funeral apron as a door stuffing
  • Bacongate!
  • Jason wants to shut down Masonic regalia companies . . . and then open his own.
  • A Masonic Tanakh is finally available
  • What do young masons really want? A discussion heralded by old masons
  • Harlan's lodge minutes
  • The secret to the After Lodge pancake breakfast . . . and the magic eggs
  • The After Lodge Crew almost kills diabetics with fake sugar-free syrup
  • Harlan secretly loves Bill Mahr
  • Are ex-wives out of bounds legally? How about morally?
  • Jason's anti-virus is fully up to date
  • Can a transexual remain a Freemason?
  • Highly functioning handicapped individuals, are they eligible for membership?
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