Episode 38

The Purple People Eaters


September 22nd, 2014

1 hr 23 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

  • Thankfully, Right Worshipful Censor Bob doesn't know what "Brony Cast" means
  • Bro. Chaplain can not only push Jason's buttons, but wires in new ones to press later
  • Widows and Past Masters Banquet becomes the Past Masters Roast
  • The wife of a candidate for our lodge wants to know why she can't join
  • Shamless plugging of another show - Your Mom's Mail Man
  • The Square and Compass waffle iron project is making progress
  • Singular circumstance: A candidate being investigating has to be told "we're not all this young"
  • /u/The_Past_Master tazing Jason may not be a joke, this is really happening
  • /u/JCMasonSquared gifts the After Lodge Crew a large-breed dog shock collar and some profound words
  • Grand Lodge overreach - by /u/TikiJack
  • Handing out cards which brag about and invite others to join Freemasonry
  • Poking the bears
  • Move up nights - boon or bane?
  • Who should confer the degrees of Freemasonry?
  • The Progressive Line - friend or foe? Jason and Harlan clash again
  • Lodges that nickel and dime unnecessarily . . . like ours
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