Episode 84

Gaseous Lifeforms


August 10th, 2015

1 hr 44 mins 59 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

  • These "show notes" are a reproduction of the Chaplain's live Reddit feed from the show
  • Oops! Live Redditting the show today. This is the Chaplain, and they won't help me :-(
  • Introductions take forever. This is just like real Lodge!
  • What is a Snoo pin?
  • This isn't on the show, but Scott is in my chair!
  • Fact check: do you need gluten to live?
  • History channel Ancient Aliens
  • This fish story is way too long
  • Does Harlen have a secret room? (or at least, a Secret Window?)
  • Scott goes to Lodge with a lot of older people . . . who doesn't?
  • I finally get to talk! Kool-aid accidents
  • Scott makes every wrong move you can make during a traffic stop ("white boy problems")
  • Conspiracy theories? Really?! Again?
  • Jason reads my live Reddit on the show . . . Now you don't have to read this.
  • Grand Lodge money grab? Or just doing what is best for the Craft. Discuss.
  • Jason is the most pro-cop Brother at the table . . . believe it!
  • Show suddenly comes to a halt
  • Who was that that walked into the room?
  • Does this mean the end of the show?
  • Was it friend or foe?
  • Will they be ba . . .
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