Episode 191

Wrong Rite


April 3rd, 2018

1 hr 17 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

  • Opening: The Pink Panther (Mancini)
  • Why Tony always gets introduced last
  • We welcome Sir John to Pennnnnnn-sylvania
  • The two token white guys - a review of the Black Panther
  • Harlan was the senior past master. There was much wailing.
  • A kid's first birthday party at our Lodge . . . it was a splash!
  • Harlan's daughter becomes a Scottish Rite icon
  • How to lawyer up a tendered order to "go suck eggs" - repercussions of being a Facebook douche
  • 33 and Beyond - John says "it's good"
  • Our Lodge can't pre-post minutes because Harlan is usually typing them during opening ceremonies
  • Producer Bruce is still in denial about his new domestic situation
  • The Grand Master's Book of Secrets . . . passed down from man to man
  • Is splitting up ritual work a good idea?
  • Our biggest (Lodge) event of the year is this week
  • Closing: Rapper Who Is Very Concerned With Password Security (CollegeHumor)
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