Episode 53

Anniversary Edition


January 5th, 2015

1 hr 58 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

  • Welcome to the Anniversary Edition of the After Lodge Podcast!
  • Jason has a break down . . . right off the bat
  • The full crew in the studio!
  • Rev. Chaplain shows up to deal with R.W. Grand Censor Bob, but gets distracted by Candy Crush
  • The Chaplain lodges a formal complaint with the Crew about the quality of the show
  • Harlan cracks jokes about robbing a bank . . . while the guys are in a bank
  • Even our Lodge is not immune to rogue officers and less than brotherly brethren
  • Our Master was packing heat!
  • The Chaplain and Jason's Mom
  • Shout outs to our friends, name and unnamed
  • Why is everyone on their phones?!
  • Masonic Prayer
  • Harlan takes an important phone call during the show
  • "Jack, go warm up the Kia!"
  • Harlan's slip up, the Grand Lodge probably thinks he's a racist now
  • Are the apron positions a Masonic secret?
  • The U.S.P.S. band of brothers, also known as the "Thick Blue Line"
  • Should a Master-Elect skip his Installation in order to attend his in-law's annual Christmas party?
  • We receive a mandate from Bro. George W. Washington himself, with a personal mandate for the crew.
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